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Go from feeling sluggish and out of shape to feeling better with 
The (healthy) Fat + Fiber + Protein = Satisfaction Formula
A simple equation to balance all of your meals & snacks so you can increase your energy, feel comfortable in your own skin, and become your ideal body.
Are you sick of yo-yo dieting?
Have you been dealing with a health issue and feel like you need a plan to get back on track with your health? Have you gained some weight over the last several years and no matter what you've tried, you go back to your old habits and the weight creeps back on?
Your clothes aren't fitting, you're not sleeping well and you're exhausted all the time.
Life is too short to feel like crap.
Your body is talking to you, trying to get your attention to make some changes. The first step in making a change is to be aware that something needs to change. And if you're here, you're ready to explore your options. 
I've struggled with carrying extra weight for as long as I can remember (8 or 9 years old).
I know first hand what it's like to struggle with weight loss and diets that just don't work. I'd lose some weight, only for the scale to creep back up.
I also had digestive symptoms and a face full of acne, and I began to wonder if maybe there was a connection with what I was eating and how my body was feeling. So I started researching and read anything I could find about nutrition and health, and started making some changes to what I was eating.
I studied functional nutrition and received my certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) and a Certified Integrative Health Coach (CIHC). 
I specialize in helping you find the foods that work best for your body, helping you to lose weight, feel good in your skin and rid yourself of symptoms so you can live your best life.
Ready to explore what's possible for you?

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