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Helping you Lose Weight & Feel Great is my passion!

Helping you lose weight & feel great is my passion! You deserve to wake up every day feeling great in your body so you can live your life fully.
Maybe you’ve received a diagnosis and feel like now’s the time to make some changes. Or maybe the weight has crept on over the last several years and you don't feel comfortable in your clothes or have the energy you used to. Whatever your why, you’re in the right place.
Diets don't work long-term for most people because they're not sustainable. Through my customized approach, you will learn which foods support your unique body, so you know what to eat & how to shop, allowing you to lose the excess weight, while feeling great, once and for all.

Suzanne Healy, CIHC, FDN-P

Functional Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching

Confidence in Choosing Foods that Support Your Unique Body

What we eat matters greatly. Food is information to our bodies and it can either help us feel great or it can make us feel lousy. It can also negatively impact our health in the long term. Our Standard American Diet (SAD) is highly processed and lacking many of the nutrients our bodies need to run optimally. To make matters worse, much of our food is addicting and releases chemicals in our brains that make us feel good. Food addiction is a very real problem because many of our foods are crafted to make us want to eat more and more of them. My clients become educated and empowered with the information they need to break free from the addictive foods that are keeping them stuck and preventing weight loss.    

Increased Energy without Dieting

There are more than 100 different dietary theories out there. And truth be told, diets don't work for long-term weight loss. There's always going to be the new Fad Diet that people are talking about and trying out, but as soon as you stop following the diet, the weight starts to creep back on. Why? For one thing, we don't start a diet with the intention of staying on it permanently. By nature, diets are depriving and as human beings, we don't like being deprived. What works much better is figuring out the foods that work for your unique body and making slow, sustainable changes so that what you're eating becomes a way of life. My individualized approach focuses on balancing your blood sugar and hormones, while reducing inflammation and optimizing digestion so you feel great as you're losing weight.

Clarity on What Works for You

The nutrition world can be super confusing. What we hear is good for us today, can change to something that’s not so good for us tomorrow. Honestly, a lot of it is marketing and who paid for the research study. What works much better is helping you figure out the foods that work best for you, and this is not the same for everyone. One man’s food can be another person’s poison.  So, how can you figure out what's right for you? I would like to invite you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Lose Weight & Feel Great Strategy Session with me so we can discuss your unique situation, your weight loss goals and challenges, and I'll give you some recommendations. And if I think it might be a good fit for us to work together, I'll share more about how we could do that.

My deepest wish for you is that you be at your ideal weight, feel confident in your body & have good energy every day, so you can live your life fully. I believe that you can be successful in reaching your ideal weight, and I can equip you with the knowledge & tools you need to keep the weight off for good. 

Ready for your next step?

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